1. Scars of War: the Legacy of WW1 Deaths on Civic Capital and Combat Motivation
    Felipe CarozziEdward Pinchbeck, and Luca Repetto
  2. Powers that be? Political alignment, government formation, and government stability
    Felipe CarozziDavide Cipullo, and Luca Repetto
    2022, Conditionally accepted at Journal of Public Economics
  3. Divided government, polarization, and policy: Regression-discontinuity evidence from US states
    Maximiliano Sosa Andres, and Luca Repetto
  4. Testing a large number of hypotheses in approximate factor models
    Dante Amengual, and Luca Repetto

Journal Articles

  1. Political fragmentation and government stability: evidence from local governments in Spain
    Felipe CarozziDavide Cipullo, and Luca Repetto
    American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, 2022
  2. The price of inattention: Evidence from the Swedish housing market
    Luca Repetto, and Alex Solis
    Journal of the European Economic Association, 2020
  3. Distributive politics inside the city? The political economy of Spain’s Plan E
    Felipe Carozzi, and Luca Repetto
    Regional Science and Urban Economics, 2019
  4. Political budget cycles with informed voters: evidence from Italy
    Luca Repetto
    The Economic Journal, 2018
  5. Sending the pork home: Birth town bias in transfers to Italian municipalities
    Felipe Carozzi, and Luca Repetto
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